Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nothing to do with art this week...

I have been attempting to keep my blog geared towards my arting attempts but this last week I have been so side-tracked by other things that I have done no art! Well having temps over 100 degrees doesn't help either... I am not known for enjoying Sacramento in the summers!

But what I have been doing has been more computer related:

  • learning new programs (Photoshop Elements 11).
  • finding new online tools (Trello and Workflowy both sort of like Pinterest but for online to-do lists, trying to see which one works best for me.
  • trying out Instapaper, a sort of online bulletin board for articles to go back to -- easier than the bookmarks in the browser because it doesn't matter which browser or computer you use).
  • transferring my blogs to Feedly now that Google Reader is defunct and catching up with the numerous blogs I lose track with. You need to use Firefox or Chrome with Feedly however as it does not support Internet Explorer.
And then sweltering under the heat of Sacramento, my older car AC gave out last week! It was going to cost nearly $1500 to repair and since my car is no longer even made (Saturn), each time I need a repair it gets more and more expensive. Since it was a 14 year old car I figured it was time to get another one. I thought about a Prius since I wanted a hybrid, then also tried the Camry hybrid and that one won me over! So I am now the owner of a nice new Toyota Camry Hybrid! (And it has great AC!)

So I guess it is now time to get back to doing some art!


  1. Yay - congrats on the car. There's nothing like the satisfaction of climbing into your new-smelling car each day. Safe driving!


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