Sunday, June 2, 2013


It all started when I saw what was happening on Orange Esmeralda's blog and her recent kaleidoscopes. THAT got me to thinking and checking out my Paint Shop Pro program to see if it made kaleidoscopes too and [insert happy feet dance here] it does!!
So this afternoon I played. Took snippets of some of my photos and made various patterns and kaleidoscopes from them. I could have gone on and on... what fun!
For this first one I used the lotus painting I blogged about yesterday.

I decided I needed to make the photos square to start with so the rest I took square snippets of other photos I had and then made the kaledioscopes and a few other patterns.
I have them all on my Flickr page but here are a couple just to show the variety!
From one of my Roben-Marie pages:

1 1-k
Then I tried one of my stencil design photos to see if the blue and white contrast would make an interesting kaleidoscope and a cool pattern:
6 6-pk 6-p
Then I took a bit of a painting I have been working on:
And made a few different kaleidoscopes by adjusting the numbers of points and angles in the program:

7-k 7-k3 7-k2
And of course I just had to try this out on one of my gelli prints!

8 8-pk
Oh I could play with this program all day!!! Oh wait, I did! LOL Well it gives me a lot of possibilities for cool patterns and pages to print out to use in my art journals to be sure!
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  1. Lovely design you did, I like all those pleasant colors.

  2. Wow so many gorgeous patterns fabulous artwork!

  3. Lovely kaleidoscopic orange pieces! Fun to see.

  4. Beautiful mandalas! I love the textures a lot!

  5. Holy smokes - these are cool! Love the bottom pink and green set.

    Hmmm... I'll have to go see if I can do that.

  6. Cool kaleidoscopic patterns, Rhonda!

  7. Very cool kaleidoscopes!! Even more special since it is pieces of your own art!

  8. Beautiful visions of color and design - a delight to the eyes!

  9. fabulous patterns and textures.

  10. Hi Ronda. Found you at Carolyns blog.... What a cool idea!!!! Don't have photoshop - but my son does. So nice that school is out for now :-):-) He can help me play :-) Thanks for the idea...

  11. Love watching the development here... and my favourite is actually the one you chose to share on MoM. Thank you:)

  12. Absolutely fantastic, Rhonda, you've made wonderful kaleidoscopes with your paintings. I like them all, and the two colour blue one is intriguing, I quite like the repeated pattern on the right of the three too.

  13. I love Kaleidosopes too and I take my whole picture I made and start from there. Yours are great fun! xx

  14. Those are lovely! Your color play is wonderful!

  15. What magic when you mix gelli with digital! So glad you shared this with the party!

  16. wow what a lot of beautiful patterns!
    Groetjes Karin

  17. I like these prints--especial the blue-tiful ones!

    Happy Blue Monday, Rhoz.

  18. These are awesome patterns, I can't stop looking at them, and the colors are so eye catching!
    I'm visiting from MoM

  19. Gorgeous patterns and so many of them. It just shows that you were having fun

  20. love all the cool patterns you've created -it sure does look like fun!

  21. Awe, these are just beautiful! AND the patterns really bring back fond memories of one of my favorite childhood "toys"
    Thank you for this inspiration and SO happy that you'll be playing along with the SOC this year, xoxo

  22. You are having so much fun! Love the bright colors and your ability to imagine and play!

  23. Magical patterns and fantastic bright colours!


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