Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Figuring out what art supplies to take...

And WOYWW for this week.

THAT is always the hardest part of a trip for me. The clothes are generally easy but figuring out which art supplies to take often takes a lot more thought and time. Oh, didn't I mention it? I am going to Alaska to visit my friend Evie and her family. Since I will only be gone for a week and want to travel light I won't take too much.

I am starting a Moelskine journal for this trip. Never used one of those before but I have had this journal for years and never used it. It is just the right size for a week's trip to Alaska!

road trip journal

This is how I bring my washi tapes when I travel. Not the big case, that is how I store them here. For traveling I lay out what I think I might want to use (based on the colors in my head the moment I am packing) and then lay them out on a sheet protector, both sides. Light and easy, keeps the sticky going, and I can use the sheet protector for collage scraps on the way.

Taking washi tape

Then I will take a small bunch of gelli printed deli and other papers so I have some backgrounds and collage fodder. I plan on using the ephemera from the trip as the rest of my collage fodder.

gelli prints to take

And here are the supplies I narrowed it down to (late last night). You can see I did a pen test in the Moleskine to make sure this time anyway I was taking pens that would not bleed through. The copic and the regular Sharpie bled through so not taking any of those.

art supplies

All that stuff amazingly fits into this little bag. Not sure where the bag is from either as I have had it a long time. Maybe I got it from Jet Pens, but not sure.

supplies kit open

And finally it all closed into this. The bag with the supplies is actually larger than the journal! But it will be just the right amount of stuff to have in my carry on bag for the lay-overs on the trip and when I am there.

supplies kit closed

Leaving tomorrow and going to test out using Instagram for the trip... this will be a first for me as I am an Instagram newbie! My name there is rhozza. Guess there were too many Rhondas already and my favorite art name rhoz was already taken. Feel free to follow me there!

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  1. Have a wonderful vacation- hope you'll share your journal when you return! Gelli prints and markers are such a versatile combination (esp. those Posca markers- my new fave)! So glad you shared this with the party!

    1. Yes I totally love the Poscas!! This is a switch for me, usually I bring half a suitcase of arty stuff then never end up having time to use it! This time I am going minimalist and we shall see what happens! Thanks for stopping by Carolyn!

  2. 1. I love my Moleskine journal ... if only I could find it!
    2. That is a clever way to transport washi tape! I will be forced to steal that from you ;-)
    3. Put the pens in a ziploc bag!!!!!!!!!! (more !!!'s for emphasis!)
    4. Have a great time! Give Evie a hug from me!

    1. LOL Liz...
      1. Yes that is what happened to this one!
      2. Feel free, steal away!
      3. Too many pens for a ziplock and I just like this little red kit. Also I am hard on ziplocks in my carry bag, this is a little sturdier. Plus it is bright red!
      4. I will and I will!

    2. Ziploc will contain any pen explosions/leakage. You are going in a pressurized tin can with paint pens ...

    3. True... hadn't thought of that. That's why you are the smart sister! LOL

  3. Oh wow.... Your gelli prints are fun and beautiful, love them all!
    When I go anywhere just take paper, pencil, and a camera.
    Have tons of fun in your trip!! I'll check later for your journal art

  4. Great packing ideas! I always overpack and am not good at planning in advance...much too much of a spur of the moment crafter...depends on my mood and inspiration at the time and most of the time that's not what was packed LOL Great gelli prints to provide inspiration for you !

  5. This is really fun, I thought I was bad at taking too much on a short trip. Looking forward to seeing your artwork using your journey's supplies.

  6. Great craft organization tips! Have a wonderful trip, sounds fun. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #100

  7. Hi Rhonda! Alaska, wow! That sounds like fun. I too always struggle with how much product to bring on trips or crops. But you sure look like you have it down to me. I can't wait to see your completed journal. Do share it when you complete it!

    Can I ask you what you used for your washi tape storage? I use a jar but would love something flat like that where I can put similar colors as you did.

    If you have time, come by my desk if not, have a great trip.

    Have a blessed day!

    Belinda (#88)

  8. You certainly know how to make art supplies look beautiful! Enjoy your trip to Alaska!

  9. Loving your attention to detail - like the tapes, brillo idea. Have a great trip!

  10. I guess this is the WOYWW post, I was a tad confused to begin with as it wasn't in the title! But as Julia has posted it MUST be. Happy packing BJ#22

  11. Enjoy you trip & what a lovely trip report book . Happy woyww Jill #82

  12. I agree trying to decide what art "stuff" is most difficult and we all know we can't go "cold turkey" from creating.

  13. I've been away so probably am too late to wish you a fantastic time in Alaska.

    That name always gets me day dreaming and I hope to see some pictures of how it really is 'up there'.

  14. Love all those vibrant colours and how you're taking them to Alaska. Look forward to seeing how you use your Gelli prints.

  15. Love your idea for transporting washi tape. Now following you, look forward to seeing your journal when you get back! Have a great trip!


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