Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another glue book page...

Still not too sure what I will do with this gluebook but here is another page in it. For me, sometimes just taking a mindless few moments to glue things in a book without thinking of placement or topic or patters is a sort of art-yoga-zen type thing. So in time for Artsyville's Glue It Tuesday, here is another page!

gluebook pg3

Here are my other pages so far.


  1. Love it! I'm an intuitive glu-er as well. Makes Tuesdays much more fun!

  2. It is fun to just sit and slap it all together. You have some interesting papers going on. I am liking the kimono girl with the bird on her arm. Sweet!

  3. It's fun to just have at the gluing for a bit, and then sit back and see what's happening. Happy GIT.

  4. that's a good idea. I always have to be so organized - it would be great therapy for me too! {:-Deb

  5. mindless gluing, that's time well spend. I enjoy slapping things in my sons smash book ;)
    Cheers, Jana

  6. Looks like you're having fun with mindless gluing and pasting! Love it!

  7. You are so right--just have fun with it!

    Have a creative week!

  8. Fun pages. It's all about just gluing it down intuitively and playing-very freeing!

  9. Love the QR code tidbits -- I tried scanning one of them! ;)


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