Monday, February 18, 2013

Letter Love 201 class...

After a wonderfully fun day at my friend Leslie's house playing with gelli printing again and deciding on our challenge art page, we got down to the idea of taking Joanne Sharpe's Lettering Love 201: Lettering as Art online class.

Leslie signed up right away and I was only a few hours behind although I didn't get started on the class until today.
Lesson 1, make the cover for the journal.




I mostly followed the teacher's style and suggestions and discovered I didn't have very good water colors! I had a small cake set that hadn't been used for a number of years so I think the colors were not as vibrant as they might have been. I have some tube watercolors but I like the idea of having a set of cake colors to just open up and start painting with so I got myself another fairly cheap set on Amazon.
And Leslie, my scanner also doesn't like 9x12 journals! I found my Canson All-Media Journal to use and decided to try the large size for this class.

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