Monday, February 11, 2013

Last day of vacation...

for this week anyway. Luckily we get next Monday off as well for the "official" President's day and THAT weekend will be art-fun packed as well!

Yesterday I got to wondering what Sabrina Ward Harrison was up to and through another art friend found her online at Facebook. I hadn't realized she had put out another book last year, again the use this book as a journal type book (which I never do cause the pages themselves are too pretty or interesting to me to journal over them). And then last night I looked at Spilling Over before I went to sleep...

Today I made a sort of Sabrina influenced page in my own journal.


  1. Replies
    1. The old Lincoln's Birthday holiday. Now they give us this one and President's Day (which was the old Washington's birthday). Not complaining although I wish a couple of presidents were born in April -- that is when we REALLY need a couple of days off!

  2. California is stupid ;-) You also get Cesar Chavez Day ... I recall from some state mailing that CA gets 22 holidays. Oy!

    1. We don't get that one at Middle School. Maybe the elementary schools do, not sure.


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