Saturday, February 9, 2013

3 Day Weekend Art Play...

Heard my Gelli plate calling me early in the day so spent some time playing with that...

Then made a journal page for the Journal Fodder 365 class on Art Journaling (see links in a previous post). The topic was writing on non-straight lines so I made some swirly shapes on a gel printed page in my journal and went to town.

What you don't see is the incredible mess my work area is so tomorrow I will be cleaning that up before I do anything more!


  1. I like all the black on the gelli prints. Is it paint thru a stencil? I like the idea of binding up a bunch of gelli pages into a journal. Might swipe that idea. And the snail trail writing is neat. Makes me crazy to do it, tho. Round and round. Dizzy...

    1. Leslie, yes one of the big swirly stencils. I will bring the stencils and the journal (or at least the pages if it isn't bound by then) down with me next weekend!

  2. Great prints Rhonda! Thanks for sharing... I reposted your blog link to our facebook page and pinned your great images to our Pinterest pages :)
    Gelli Arts

    1. Thanks Nancy! Glad you like the prints -- I totally love playing with the Gelli plate! Can't wait to do even more!


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