Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pink Post Cards...

Pink Post cards... Odd thing for a swap (@Swap-bot), I know, but luckily I happened to have a gazillion pink gelli-plate printed deli papers that I could tear up and collage for a post card or two!

pink pc

These were made by collaging a lot of pink gelli prints (torn up) onto an 8.5"x11" page then cut into post cards and ATC backings. I got 2 PC and 4 ATCs from one page of collage. I like them as is, but may spend a little time looking for other things to collage onto them while I watch TV later.

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  1. Love the pink gelli prints used for your collage! Tell me about the deli papers, where you find them and how you use them. Do you get them from the Deli? I'd like to try gelli printing with them.
    How about some black on the pink?

    1. If you cannot find them @ Smart&Final or Costco you can get them online @ Amazon. Basically it is a box of usually 500-1000 of those thin waxy (one side) sheets used in deli. Or I guess you could sweet-talk your local deli into giving you some! They are transluscent so when you gelli-print on them they make wonderful collage fodder!
      Black on the pink would have looked nice... the swap was to make a PINK postcard, so I left most other colors out. There are some small hints of darker colors and orange but pink was the deal for this one!

  2. Wondering if it is the same paper that you get to keep donuts and pastry separate? It's so beautiful! I once did a whole bedroom in torn wallpaper pieces. This looks like a lot of fun to do and fun to receive in the mail.

  3. Ooh, pretty! I don't work much with pink but lately I am more and more drawn to it. Might be time to give it a shot! You've inspired me! Happy PPF! xo, janice

  4. Here is a pink blessing from a BIG God....hope that your week is filled with many great things...God Bless you....

  5. These gellis are sooo yummy I love pink anyway but the patterns are so cool!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. What delicious backgrounds those Gelli prints make. Love the pink

  7. So pretty ! Love all the pink! Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. I love these! I just got my own Gelli plate earlier this week and will be experimenting like mad - if mine come out anywhere near as nice as yours, I'll be totally delighted. Your papers are gorgeous! Happy Pink Saturday.

  9. Very pretty! Lucky swap partner!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  10. Wow, gotta get in line to leave a comment! Great cards, I like the little bits of green, orange and yellow in there to break up all the PINK.

  11. Wonderful pink cards. I love the way you have used this technique, the gelli prints look great:)

  12. I am working on a similar collection of postcards, book marks and business-cards from prints and backgrounds I have produced earlier!
    Great cards!
    Happy PPF
    Ilona xx

  13. 1. Did you make one for your pink-loving niece???
    2. Hahahaha! I got you hooked on Pioneer Woman Cooks!!!


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