Monday, December 19, 2011

2 weeks of vacation!

We are off for 2 weeks now yay! Saturday was the first day of Christmas vacation aka Winter Break. And I have Jury Duty! I had to check on Sunday and found out that I have to check again tonight. My group was next on the list so I will probably have to go in tomorrow. But... I actually wanted it this way. I postponed it from summer (when I was traveling) to now, mostly thinking "Who is going to want a trial on the week before Christmas?")... I guess I will find out tomorrow!

I hesitate to make it a goal for 2012.... keep this blog up more? I think the main problem for me is the addition of photos each time. I mean it isn't a hard process but sometimes I don't have anything to upload and then I talk myself out of writing anything. Since I used this blog so much for travel I got used to mostly putting photos on it. I have to get over that! Then a month goes by and I am writing stuff like this.... again!!

I'll get over it -- I usually do eventually.

I forgot to plant bulbs again this year. Wonder if it is too late?

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