Friday, April 24, 2015

Here is why the rocks didn't work...


Squirmy ugly slugs!

I found one munching on a ripe berry the other day after I had put up bird netting, still thinking it was birds eating the strawberries! This is how much it ate!

So we have edged everything (the bales, individual plants, house vents, etc) with organic Sluggo and diatomaceous earth in hope that it helps. I have gone out a couple of nights and looked for slugs and salted them (sorry vegan readers but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to save a strawberry!)... but of course they are probably hiding out in the straw bales in the day time so it might be a futile chase.

I am now thinking of moving the strawberries to another place in the garden in pots that I can put on tables or hang to keep the nasty slugs at bay.

Meanwhile in the front yard...

My first foxglove of the year is in bloom! These things reseed themselves like crazy every year and are so pretty in full bloom! You can see the wayward sweet peas still trying to make a showing and my future apricots!

Just a little slice of the garden to leave you with before I head off for a mini-vacation week to see my sister in Oregon and maybe possibly some fabric shopping at some of Portland area's amazing quilt shops!


  1. love your garden thanks for sharing!

  2. So, organic Sluggo doesn't work? Stepping on them does, but it requires vigilant night patrol.....They're eating my delphiniums :(


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