Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Wow, we had a flash storm pass through yesterday bringing some much needed rain and then towards the afternoon, hail! We get hail maybe a couple times a year at best, mostly in the winter. But this was a cold storm with thunder and lightening in the afternoon, and the hail soon followed.

I probably should have covered my planting area but I was too busy watching the hail. Poor plants!

The front of the house managed fine, but the side garden got pretty pounded...


  1. Crazy ass weather. We had a steady rain for several hours starting around 5am, but that was it. Was in a hail storm the size of walnuts in Michigan when I was a kid. Beat the crap out of all the cars in town and injured some smaller farm animals. Nuts.

  2. You guys sure got a much bigger storm than we got here in SF -- I am jealous! No hail and not much rain either...


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