Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sandhill Cranes and Egrets...

Had a nice day out at Cosumnes River Preserve yesterday looking for egrets and sandhill cranes... cold and grey day though, need to go another time later in the evening and on a nicer day. Sandhill cranes stay around until late February or early March before they fly north again so I will have a chance to see them again on a nicer evening...

During the day they forage for food. I learned that to see their beautiful feathery mating dances I need to come back at dawn or dusk. I am going for dusk. These above look like they are already in their mating pair. 

A large group of them in a field. They were not so happy about humans getting close. I only had my phone camera this time and although it takes pretty good photos, obviously I need a camera with a telephoto lens for these guys!

This egret on the other hand let me walk up pretty close to it before it flew away.

Another egret a little too far for a clear shot.

Then off it goes! They are so beautiful when they take flight!


  1. These birds are just lovely! I live in Texas and many of the whooping and sandhill cranes winter here on the coast. I just spent a weekend down in rockport on a birding tour there and saw so many lovely birds. Such fun to have them where you are.

  2. I love these birds. I live in Indiana and have a pond behind my house. One bird stops by in the warm months and makes his way around eating his catch. Somewhere in the state I know flocks come by every year. Maybe sometime I will make my way to find them. You have an interesting blog. I will stop back by.


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