Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Coming back to quilting...

Maybe it is the colder months but I find myself drawn to working with fabric more in the winter. And now that I have more time, I happened to look at the class schedule at Country Sew and found a couple of quilting classes I wanted to take. I am not a very proficient quilter, having only made a few quilted things before.

This is the first quilt I made for one of my teacher friend's new baby about 2 years ago:

Ajays Quilt

Now I am working on some separate blocks mostly to learn various techniques, such as this one from this month's Modern Quilting Block Party:

Each month we learn a different block (with a slightly more modern quilting edge, not your grandmother's quilt blocks) and I guess eventually put them all together in one quilt. Except this one is going to become a table mat once I quilt it and put a binding on it. It is about 12 inches square. Turns out I happened to have some dinner candles in these colors and I thought it would make a nice addition to the table for those rare occasions I put my sewing stuff away and we eat at the table!

And the one I am having fun with now that will make up a whole quilt is called Circle of Nine and is from a 3 week class at Country Sew.  This is the original pattern of the quilt (from the book):

Last week we learned how to make the wonky squares for the middle.  This week I think we are learning how to do the background and next week, who knows? Probably how to put it all together and finish it. But... it is the "homework" that is killing me! It is taking a lot more time than I thought to cut the strips and sew 8 more of these funky blocks! I like the modern "wonkiness" of the blocks -- you don't have to worry about measuring or making perfect seams!  The nice thing is that the blocks are huge -- nearly 13" square, so it only takes the 9 to make up most of the quilt.

My theme is for a Day of the Dead quilt. I have had this fabric for a long while and thought it would be fun to use it in a quilt. The centers are fussy cut from the fabric, then the large border (grey print in the book pattern) will all be the Day of the Dead fabric. The colorful squares in the pattern are going to all be black for my quilt, so it will be a lot of black and white. I am hoping the reality looks as good as the one in my imagination!

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  1. Your Day of the Dead theme is so original, and goes perfectly with the Circle of Nine quilt. I took a quilting class a while back and learned several kinds of blocks, but need to make many more for an actual quilt. The instructor I had (whose favorite word was wonky) gave me a good introduction modern quilts. I love the bright colors and simplicity and wonkiness.

    1. Thanks Barbara! I will post the other blocks and the rest of the quilt here when I get them done so please check back! I think my teacher's favorite word is wonky too! LOL But she makes the coolest stuff that way and I always want to take her classes and try her quilts!

  2. Hey - your new quilts look great! I love that Circle of Nine. I made a wonky log cabin quilt last fall and loved the freedom of just cutting where I wanted to and not matching seams. You should come back to the modern quilt guild in the wintertime! Next meeting is Feb 14 - moved a week to accommodate something else. Check the website for address. If you want to get together at La Bou, I'll show you mine and I'd love to see yours!

    Kathryn Tobias

    1. Hi Kathryn! I keep trying to make it to a meeting and I end up always having something else! Had a painting class last time and this coming one I am signed up for a machine quilting refresher class at noon... I really need that class! But sure let's get together anyway... would love to see what you have been working on and reconnect!

  3. Welcome back! I agree that it's often easier in colder months to work on quilting projects. I love the fresh colors in your baby quilt. Good luck on your wonky block homework. :-)

  4. Just popped in from the GYB party. I know exactly what you mean about quilting as the weather gets colder. It seems a good time of year to curl up in front of the fire and cut blocks and pieces ready to stitch into beautiful warm quilts.

  5. I bet I would like wonky blocks, too! Your first one turned out really cute! I don't even know what fussy cut means! Some day I'll quilt. . . .some day.


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