Thursday, September 18, 2014

Out and about on a a muggy Thursday...

I am driving to Oregon this weekend and needed to clear some things out of my car. One thing was a large old comforter I had been carrying around until I could get it to the City Pound. They  are the people we took our dear Maggie to for cremation and we found out they needed donations of old blankets and comforters so we decided to give them an old blue one we no longer use (too many holes from cat claws!). They are down on Front Street under a mess of freeways in a weird little area I only recently discovered.

So as I was leaving I turned to look at their little garden and saw these delightful critters:

Even though several of them were rather dried out it was a cute attempt at making the garden suit the building. Of course to make it more realistic there should have been a topiary of a dog catcher running after one of them with a big net, doncha think?

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