Saturday, July 26, 2014

Making fruit leathers on a hot day...

I really hadn't planned this blog to be a cooking one, but I have been having so much fun with my new dehydrator that I wanted to catalog the results here. Today after the extreme heat (100s these days) has made all my apricots ripen and start to fall of the tree, I picked a bunch more and decided to try out apricot fruit leather for roll-ups. Yesterday we took the dehydrator outside so it wouldn't keep heating up the kitchen. I was working on a makeshift outdoor area for these today.

So I took a bunch of ripe apricots...

soaked them in a citric acid/water solution for 5 minutes then blended them up the best I could in my old funky blender...

spread it out on the mats  (which look just like my silicon baking and crafts mats) that are for fruit leathers...

and put them in to dry.

They should take around 4 hours so I will know later this evening if it worked. Seemed it was not as smooth as it should have been AND it was very hard to spread out evenly so that might affect how it dries. We shall see.


  1. Lovely! Apricot leather is my all time favorite, followed by peach. Chunky is ok. I use my foot processor to make a liquid, and I add powdered citric acid to the mix instead of soaking. Couldn't be easier! Hope it's as tasty as it sounds!

    1. Ok It's a year later and I am going to try your method Katie! Makes sense to just add the citric acid to the mix rather than before. Apricots are ripening now, should have some results soon!


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