Monday, July 8, 2013

Watching the figs until I return...

Ok This year I am giving the birds warning... I want to eat some of MY figs too!! Last couple of years the birds got them all!

Andy put the owl up a few days ago and I am leaving it in charge of guarding MY figs until I get back in 10 days... leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow for Oregon. I may actually blog from on the road since I am taking my Netbook with me and I don't do much at nights. I am bringing my art journal too and hopefully will get more done in it than what I didn't get done in Alaska! Show and tell later!


  1. We'll let you have the WiFi password while you're here ;-) But keep the art journal away from Sarah or you'll end up with a bunch of girly faces with cute eyelashes and curly cues everywhere!

  2. I had to net our peach tree. Boy, that netting is crazy stuff - at one point I had it hooked in one earring and wound around two buttons. It was like it was alive. I finally got it on the tree but not without a lot of dirty words. Good luck with your figs. Bring some when you come next time and I'll swap you for whatever we've got ripe. Currently lots of tomatoes, cukes, peppers, squash, and eggplant.


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