Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back from Oregon...

and not a single bit of blogging from the road, even though I thought I might. Just decided to take a break, posted a few pics on Instagram and in FB but mostly just hung out and enjoyed myself.

Including going to places like Collage in Portland and oogling their wall of washi tape...

wall of washi

I only let myself get a couple of them... ok, maybe 3 or 4. Really! Not going to mention that I had already found a few other new tapes I didn't have and got them when I was in Eugene visiting my sister, nope, not going to mention that at all!

Gotta unpack, continue on my art room revamp that I sort of started before I left but have a bunch more to do, then get back to doing some art! I have 3 more weeks before I will have to think about school (work) again!

1 comment:

  1. I think you would feel faint if I told you I own a huge amount of... ONE washi tape :D i keep meaning to buy more but only do onre or two proper supply buys a year and then I spend all my saved pennies on paint! Doh!

    that is an impressive wall of tape!


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