Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New quilting project...

I finally got around to taking the second of a class in machine (as in your home sewing machine) quilting over at Country Sew. LisAnn is a very kind and patient teacher and helped us all along on the project. She had chosen a table topper for us to make (before class) then learn how to applique and quilt in class. I actually got mine all quilted in class! The only thing left to do is trim and bind it.

Here it is laid out on my sewing table (which I had to clear off first of course!):

and here is the fabric I decided to bind it with.  I "auditioned" (tried out) several other light prints and solids before choosing this one. I think the rusty oranges will bring out the other oranges in the quilt piece and it is more exciting than just a solid fabric. Now just to trim the whole piece, cut the binding strips and sew them on!

Meanwhile it is going to be in the 100 degrees for the rest of the week and I have no air in the sewing area to the side of the kitchen AND I still have yoga teacher training homework to finish, so I will get this project done next week (I hope!).

Sacramento, I am ready for AUTUMN!!!  And RAIN!!!


  1. Very cute, looks kind of 70s to me. Luckily binding goes pretty quickly compared to what you've already done. Cheers to getting projects finished.

    1. yeah know what you mean about the 70's look! Now that it is cooling down I hope to get the binding done next week... that room was way too hot this last week when we were in the over 100's!


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