Thursday, July 30, 2015

Hot late July days...

It has been in the 100s during the days this week in Sacramento. I think yesterday got up to 108 or 109 degrees Fahrenheit! Way too hot for me.

And the heat is affecting the garden. Even though I water as much as I can, the plants do not like these temperature extremes either!

My Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia rotundiflolia) finally flowered! But even this plant isn't liking the heat much!

My squash plants are staring to die back, although there are still zucchini here and there.

My flowers are also dying or setting seed. HERE is a link to the milkweed I planted. The other day I noticed the seed pods are starting to pop and the seed is pouring out. I need to capture the seeds and plant them next Spring!

I did get a few ambrosia melons this year. Only one has been ripe enough to eat so far. I am hoping the other 2 will last long enough to ripen on the vine.

And the scraggly grape plants are holding on and still producing some grapes. This is near the last of the bunches. Very small but very sweet!

I have been ordering seeds for my Fall and winter garden of salad and other greens. Once the heat goes down in a few weeks I plan on pulling up the dead vines and other plants, planting lots of lettuce and some Tuscan kale. I may even sneak in some Swiss Chard plants. Andy doesn't like it so much but I love chard so I can just make it for myself!

Lots of garden tasks in the coming months. With yoga teacher training starting this weekend and the garden and more sewing I want to do, I think the next few months will be pretty busy for me. Busy and fun -- just what retirement should be!


  1. "Once the heat goes down in a few weeks..." ?? Do you have some insider source to the weather? Cause it's usually hot here well into September.
    I have serious garden envy cause mine did terrible this year while yours looks great. Was the melon any good? Too busy to come down and art some Sunday?

    1. Wishful thinking on the heat lessening! LOL
      I will check my calendar and see which Sunday is free... I'll email ya!

  2. Your garden is lovely. The heat has played havoc all up and down the west coast. My garden is hanging on. We're on water restrictions so most lawns are very brown. wow, you're planning fall seeds, Great!

    1. We are on water restrictions too so I make sure I give everything good soakings morning and night of the days we are allowed. If something is really failing I usually give it the rest of my water bottle to help it along. Well, not planting fall seeds yet... just planning and ordering a few heirlooms I can't find in shops. But I do want to keep it going... I absolutely love being able to go out and collect what I am eating that day!


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