Sunday, June 21, 2015

Attracting pollinators...

Not only did I plant a ton of vegetables this year, but I also added a lot of flowers to my edible landscape. After all, we need the bees and butterflies to come and pollinate all those lovely fruits and veggies!

In the Spring, the sweet peas and nasturtiums were in bloom.

There were also foxgloves which had reseeded themselves from last year.

And there is always some sort of lavender in the garden.

And then the squashes started to flower. Bees galore on these!

This year I planted some milkweed, both the golden and the red. Since I decided to plant them a little later than normal, I bought started plants from the garden shop. Now I have some seeds for next year too. I have not yet seen any monarchs but there are other butterflies fluttering by in the garden now and then.

My digiplexis (cross between foxglove/digitalis and isoplexis) also came back this year. I thought it had died off for sure last year but I guess it also reseeded itself. At least I have one nice plant of it still.

And I planted some borage, which is supposed to be a major bee attractor. My garden has a lot of bees so maybe it worked!

If you haven't taken a look at these three of my favorite You Tube garden channels, head over to:  

Late Bloomer Urban Organic Garden Show with Kaye Kittrell
CaliKim29 Garden and Home DIY
and then fix a cup of tea and sit back to have a look at my one of my favorite British gardeners, Alys Fowler:
Edible Garden

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