Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bits of color here and there...

I have been noticing Spring approaching in it's various ways.

Our garden tulips are starting to bloom...

My increased need for colors in my life...

Colors coming out in some paintings I have been doing lately...

I have stacks of fabrics to sew, quilt blocks to work on, canvases to get ready for a little corner of an art show a friend is sharing with me in May, and a ton of new ideas that seem to blossom in the Spring. Oh and a garden to plan... what to grow this year that the snails and bugs won't get to before I do?


  1. Lovely tulip. Some of my bulbs are up, but not blooming. I planted tulips for the first time last fall so hope they do well.
    Cute mug. Didn't used to be much into polka dots, but have grown into them, I guess.
    And I really like the painting. Great colors.

  2. We've been having a lot of early spring weather the last few days in Los Angeles. A lot of color in the yard. Hope there's still some more rain to come. Enjoy preparing for your art show.


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