Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ATC for a swap...

ATC (Artist Trading Cards) are one of my favorite things to make. Little pieces of creative bursts to make and trade. The only "rules" are they have to be 2.5" x 3.5" and never sold. The ones people make to sell are called something else (I forgot). More info from the source we love to hate, Wikipedia HERE.

So Karen at MMSA decided to have another ATC swap and I made 4 to trade off. Actually the two yellowish ones with stamps and the green/orange one I had already made (and were just sitting around) and I made the abundance one when I was a Leslie's house a couple of weekends ago for an art play day.

My favorites of these 4 are the top two, the bird stamp and abundance. They are all mixed media in that they are painted (gelli print except for the abundance one), collaged, have pen/pencil doodling, and washi tape (except for the green/orange one).


  1. Love these. I really like the bottom right, it has a grunge-like look. I have not heard of Mail Me Some Art and it looks fun. I have always swapped through Swap-bot. Looking forward to seeing what you receive.

    1. Thanks for the comments Diane. You would like MMSA, a lot more handmade post card swaps there. I often did not find many handmade post card swaps on Swap-Bot and then you only had maybe one or two partners. I also like that the MMSA ones are sent in the mail, not in envelopes like the SB ones often are.


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