Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend cleaning ...

Once again my arting area has become too crowded with "stuff" so I decided to go through some of the boxes I had along the hall wall and make some space to move things around. In my sorting I came across this little gem...

I was one and a half years old outside of my mom's parents' house. If you look carefully you can see I already had a full head of auburn hair (I always refused to call it "red") and I was already hanging out with a cat! That was Fuzzy, my grandparents' fluffy ball of fur.

This was a color negative, which I scanned against a very clean piece of white paper. Nice big 2" x 2" negative made it easy!


  1. What a cool old picture. Those frozen moments of time always give me a slow nostalgic smile, whether I know the people in them or not. The covered patio is neat - I bet it was gorgeous when the wisteria (?) was in bloom, cool and shady and fragrant. I like all the tall windows along the back of the house. Looks like a good place to live.

    1. Yes it was a lovely house to be a little kid in. No longer in our family (probably for over 30 years) but I have some great memories!


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