Thursday, May 16, 2013

Free journal backgrounds...

I am trying something new. I would like to start a semi-regular posting of free backgrounds, gelli prints, and other things you may use in your artwork. I am scanning them @ 300 dpi so you can resize them to your needs. I hope this will work so I would like to ask you to try them out. I can scan them at higher dpi (600) but they take some much more computer space so I am hoping this is a good compromise. I would LOVE to see how you use them so please feel free to post your link to anything you make with them in the comments. Credit back to where you got them is also much appreciated. Thanks

Let's try this!

Background 1

Background 2


  1. Worked great for me...what a good idea using Flickr... :-)

    1. Good to hear they worked for you! I thought putting them on Flickr first would make them more accessible and then I can have the whole group there as well. Thanks for testing them out!


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