Friday, May 25, 2012

Still a secret...

Making something for my sister in Oregon... just wanted to tempt her with the colors! They really are brighter -- this photo doesn't do them justice.

Purple fabrics sm

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lined zipper bag...

This morning I decided to reacquaint myself with sewing in a zipper so I made this little pencil case for my niece Sarah, to match the pillow I gave her a couple of months ago.

finished bag

Since I will be visiting next week and I already had the pillow case for her brother, I thought I would make her a little something too so she doesn't feel left out. And anyway I still had some of the cute pink fabric to use so why not? Now to find a couple of pink pencils and stuff to put into it! (She is such a pink-loving girly girl, so unlike myself! LOL)

I think it turned out quite nicely actually.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summer plans...

So now that summer vacation is almost here (one more work day!), I want to work on this blog and make it more of a tracking for my quilting projects. It will get an overhaul when I get back from visiting my sister next weekend -- with a brief stop in Portland for quilt fabric shopping in the amazing shops here!

Yesterday I went to a Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild Meeting. Wanted to see what they were doing since I tend to enjoy more modern than traditional quilting.

And today I went to a quilt binding class at Quilter's Corner near Bradshaw and Highway 50. I have taken a couple of classes there. Cute shop although they didn't have the taupe colored fabric I have decided I want now that I have seen a bunch of Japanese inspired quilts with taupe colored fabrics in them.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pillowcase for my nephew and the Million Pillowcase Challenge...


I found a couple of You Tube videos about the Million Pillowcase challenge so I decided to practice how to make it by making a pillowcase for my nephew that I will see in Oregon in a couple of weeks. I found this cute monster print at JoAnn's a few weeks ago and got some thinking I might make him something with it, so the pillowcase fit the bill. Hope it isn't going to be too scary for him (I think he is 6 now).

It starts out as a tube with all the layers sewn "burrito" style:

all sewn into a tube

then turned inside out, sewn on right sides then turned again to the wrong sides making a French seam:

turning inside out

Here are a couple of places on You Tube that describe how to make it the best (I think): Missouri Star Quilt Company and Crafty Gemini There are others but I like those two the best. Information on the actual challenge is HERE.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ajay's Quilt -- Finally Finished!

Finally got the binding on and hand sewn! Good thing since we are almost on summer vacation and I wanted to get the quilt to my colleague's baby before we left school!! After all he was born a few months ago and will soon be outgrowing it. I wanted to make a small quilt for him to play on so I hope this works out for that.

Ajays Quilt

Hope she likes it. It was my first quilt so it is small. It was all self-taught via You Tube quilting videos and asking a lot of questions at quilt shops! Now that this one is made I feel more confident and the next one shouldn't take me so long.