Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lined zipper bag...

This morning I decided to reacquaint myself with sewing in a zipper so I made this little pencil case for my niece Sarah, to match the pillow I gave her a couple of months ago.

finished bag

Since I will be visiting next week and I already had the pillow case for her brother, I thought I would make her a little something too so she doesn't feel left out. And anyway I still had some of the cute pink fabric to use so why not? Now to find a couple of pink pencils and stuff to put into it! (She is such a pink-loving girly girl, so unlike myself! LOL)

I think it turned out quite nicely actually.


  1. Yes, how did *my* daughter become such a pink girly girl??? You could probably find some perfect princess pencils at the dollar store!

    1. She must have gotten all the genes you and I didn't! LOL It's been fun sewing stuff for her! Glad you had at least one girl!!

  2. That looks like a perfect zipper! You may have to do a "tute" at one of our meetings.

    Land Park

    1. Thanks Kathryn! It's all the zipper foot, not any skill on my part!


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