Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break!!

So yesterday was the first day of Spring Break and it was rainy and stormy. Perfect for staying inside and sewing (with a mid-day side trip with Andy to Trader Joe's and Nugget Markets). I made this shopping tote:

green tote

I needed to practice my sewing: making a boxed bottom and getting the straps put in right. Next one I will practice making pockets!

green tote closeup

And it folds up when I am not shopping:

folded tote

Then this morning, day 2 of my break... I was looking for a photo of some hollyhocks I had found on a trip either last summer or the one before and found that I had a ton of flower photos that had not been tagged in my Flicker photos... so I spent a little time this morning starting to organize and tag my photos (HERE are just the flowers so far).




I really want to grow hollyhocks this year -- I'd better get planting!