Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First week of school!

School started yesterday and it looks like it will be a great year! I am hopeful... I have had my share of less than stellar years lately so it would be nice to turn it around this year! Time will tell but I have more energy (with all better eating after all!) and a good outlook on work this year so I am thinking it will be better all around.

But this heat! OMG... nice I have AC at work and now in my car cause I came home to a rather warm house and yard! But there was a special surprise for me when I got home!

A new visitor in my yard...

white foxglove

Most of the foxgloves I have are pinkish and purple and have already bloomed and died but this white one just sort of came out of nowhere and today is in full bottom bloom. Love the patterns and how the blossoms open gradually up the flower stalk. I am happy to see it since there is very little else in bloom in the yard (aside from those glorious roses which I need to deadhead this weekend).

So Maggie and I checked it out for a short while before the heat drove us back inside...

Maggie 8-2011

I was thinking when it cools down at least to the 80s I might plant a late crop of spinach and then in another month, plant a late batch of lettuce. It is so warm here still through the fall that leafy greens are pretty easy to grow once the heat leaves. And I just love having my dinner growing in my garden! Since I can't keep farm animals in the city at least I can have my veggies! hat was one thing I missed when I spent the whole summer abroad this year. Next year: tomatoes and squash again!


  1. Maggie! What a cutie pie! :)

    Your garden is lovely....

  2. Yes Maggie is a sweetie -- she is our LBD (little brown dog)! We got her at the Pound around oh gosh, 10-12? years ago -- she licked my nose when I said hello and that did it! LOL


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