Thursday, April 7, 2016

A discovery about myself and yoga...

The other day I went to a vinyasa flow yoga class at another studio that opened near my house, and even though it was geared more for a beginner to vinyasa, I still found it as difficult as I always have. I keep thinking I will get into doing the faster flow yoga but it keeps not happening. A lot of it is the up and down movements, too fast for me now.

Then I went folk dancing again over at the Temple and had whatever a Jewish epiphany might be called: I like my yoga slow and my movement to be dancing. I think I always have and it somehow took a new awakening for me to see it again. I love to dance but do not go do it often enough. I am going to start going to Contra dance and English country dance again too. Since there isn't a NIA teacher in Sacramento these days (which was my dance exercise of choice for a long while) I will get back to folk type dancing.

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