Saturday, December 26, 2015


I love potatoes. It thrills me to think that I can go out into my yard and pick my own. In my fantasy yard I would have rows and rows or barrels and barrels of little yummy taters. Considering that organic yukon gold or red potatoes are anywhere from $1.50 up to $3.00 or more a pound, it makes sense. 

In my real world however, my harvests are pretty tiny. But this was just an experiment. In September I took a few old yukon golds that had sprouted and were destined to be thrown away and chucked them into an empty planter barrel. Tossed some soil on them and as they grew, kept adding more soil and straw. Then I forgot about them. And yesterday morning when I went out to check the lemon tree I found the barrel. All the plants had died down so I figured I should check for potatoes. And I found these... not much but it did tell me they do grow in fall and into winter here. Like I said, an experiment. And I am sure they will be delicious steamed with some butter and dill.

I will try again in the Spring... 


  1. Let me know if you need yukons that have started to sprout - I usually have them and I don't like to put them in the composter because they do what sprouted potatoes do best - sprout!

    Kathryn (almost time for coffee...)

  2. So awesome. I've heard of this method and have considered it myself. It's been unseasonably warm here and I've got a red potato that's sprouting in the pantry. . .maybe I should find a bucket in which to toss it. I do love potatoes too!


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