Monday, November 30, 2015


As in, "Brrrrr it's cold outside!"  (for us anyway. Wasn't it just a month or so ago I was moaning about how hot it still was?)

I live near the top entry and was so very grateful for our new electric blanket this morning! On the good side... it is now cold enough to plant my tulip bulbs so I have been starting to work on the spot in the front yard for that. This is the area I started working on yesterday:

I got all the plants cleared out of the 4x4 planter and pulled up some of the other dead stuff. I will go back out later this afternoon when it has warmed up just a tad to tend to the soil and maybe get the bulbs planted. I got my usual favs (reds) as well as a bunch of purples and oranges to plant together in a clump. I love both of those colorways (ohhh can you tell I use fabrics? haha) so I am just planting them all, even if it sounds weird. More photos as I get working out there...

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  1. It'll be gorgeous - a riot of color that will make you grin every time you look at it.


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