Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lately I have been thinking a lot about revisiting Iceland...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another ATC swap finished...

It was the last one on my list from last month and now it is done! It was another SWAP-BOT one of 4 ATCs using the same topic but made 4 different ways. I chose flowers as my theme.

Copic markers, sharpies, white pen, hand drawn flower:

Flower 4 ways 1

Doodled flower with sharpies and copic markers for colors:

Flower 4 ways 2

Collage of used postage stamps:

Flower 4 ways 3

Magazine picture, quote, raised sticker:

Flower 4 ways 4

Meanwhile today I am working on school stuff for my new ELL Science support class and converting yoga videos into .AVI so I can play them also on the TV, which is in the bedroom and has a rug in front of it which is more comfy than my cramped art studio. But there is also more cat hair (not to mention cats who seem to like to walk on my chest and laugh at me when I lay on the floor) so I may have to just make space in my art studio and use my computer.

Of course I could get my butt out the door and actually GO to more classes but I always think of it when no classes are happening.

Still thinking about INTENTIONS...

Friday, October 18, 2013

Early Friday morning thoughts...

Thinking about INTENTIONS.

That word has come up in THREE separate occasions this week, my NIA class on Tuesday, something I read online yesterday, and also my yoga class last night. I think it is a word I need to think about more.

What are my intentions for this blog?
What are my intentions for my art?
What are my intentions for my work (now teaching 6 classes since the new EL Science/History support class was given to me so I have no prep time in the day)
What are my intentions for my life now that I am near retirement? (well ok, 7 months away anyway)

And so on...
Just posting a reminder to myself here really. Think on these!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Catching Up.... again...

A couple more swaps I needed to catch up with. I have been so busy with work and a month long cold that I just have not been doing much art, again. It comes and goes but it is never gone for long.

So this was an ATC from a Swap-bot swap of making an ATC with sheet music and a butterfly on it:

music and butterfly ATC

And this was from the Dia de los Muertos post card swap on MMSA. I had started a few others when I was at my friend Leslie's a couple of week's ago but never had time to make them. I will just send in this one.

day of the dead post card 1

Both started with a gelli-print background, then I added stamps, collage, washi tape and postage stamp on the ATC. The DOTD card top skull image is from online and I wish I had saved the page so I could credit it. I will look for it when I have a moment, sorry. The La Calavera is one of the Loteria cards in B&W.

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