Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another ATC swap finished...

It was the last one on my list from last month and now it is done! It was another SWAP-BOT one of 4 ATCs using the same topic but made 4 different ways. I chose flowers as my theme.

Copic markers, sharpies, white pen, hand drawn flower:

Flower 4 ways 1

Doodled flower with sharpies and copic markers for colors:

Flower 4 ways 2

Collage of used postage stamps:

Flower 4 ways 3

Magazine picture, quote, raised sticker:

Flower 4 ways 4

Meanwhile today I am working on school stuff for my new ELL Science support class and converting yoga videos into .AVI so I can play them also on the TV, which is in the bedroom and has a rug in front of it which is more comfy than my cramped art studio. But there is also more cat hair (not to mention cats who seem to like to walk on my chest and laugh at me when I lay on the floor) so I may have to just make space in my art studio and use my computer.

Of course I could get my butt out the door and actually GO to more classes but I always think of it when no classes are happening.

Still thinking about INTENTIONS...

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  1. The 2nd ATC reminds me of that yellow flowered washi tape you got for me, that limited edition or whatever it was. Anyways, kind of 70s. Cool.

    I bet they sell rugs that would fit in your studio...


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