Saturday, September 14, 2013

Orange Post Cards!

Still coughing but determined to get some art and swaps done as well as resting this weekend. I showed you some swaps I had already done a week or so ago and am now just finally getting them all sent. They were all for Swap-bot. Here are the last of them for this round: 2 Orange Postcards.

Orange PC1

Orange PC 2

Both are gelli-printed backgrounds with collaged bits of other gelli-prints, used postage stamps, and some rubber stamping.

And these are just in time for Mandarin Orange Monday which I can link to tomorrow!

I have gotten a lot more swaps in over this last couple of weeks and will get something photographed and posted soon!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Almost back... again!

So no sooner than I thought I was back and getting over this cold it hit me for Round #2 and I was down for the count this whole last week, including totally sleeping away all last weekend. Finally now, later this week I am feeling better and hope in a few days this damn cough will be gone.

Meanwhile I took a very long break from my computer and blog and art and anything that did not involve getting over this cold and I am itching to get back to it all!

Last weekend's art play day with my friend Leslie had to be postponed (to this weekend) and luckily the few swaps I had left I have done and just have to send. Sort of neglected the photo taking part this time around but I will be more diligent for the ones to come.

Just wanted to let you know I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth, only felt like it! LOL

Monday, September 2, 2013

ATCs and a drizzling afternoon...

I was all set for another sweltering day today and now this afternoon it is 10 degrees cooler than yesterday and drizzling! No wonder it was so humid earlier! If we had cicadas here I am sure they would have been rubbing those little legs together today!

So I got some postage stamp swaps finished (again Swap-bot) and sat down for an afternoon of ATC making.

9-2 ATCs for swaps

The bottom two orange ones are for the Swap-bot Orange ATC with a Punched element. Added some postage stamps, then punched hearts, suns and swirls from some gelli-printed paper to contrast the orange-ness of the rest of the ATCs. A little doodling finishes them off and ready to go a few days early!

The other four are for a swap that needs an ATC with a postage stamp and maybe also for a washi-tape ATC swap. I haven't signed up for that one yet but the ATCs are made just in case.

I decided for me the best way to work the swapping is to check out the swaps, make the items then sign up, just to be sure I would get the items done in time. A lot of the ATC swaps are quick turn-around, meaning there is only a week between signing up and sending your swap, so many are for cards that can be made ahead of time. Those seem to be the kind I can keep up with while I am in school.

A lot of orange!

This long weekend is turning into a lot of orange!

I checked Swap-bot and found a couple of new swaps for orange postcards and ATCs and then realized it was Monday and I wanted to post a photo for Mandarin Orange Monday and there it was, all over my work desk (to which I may also add a link on Wednesday for WOYWW)! *** Edited on Wednesday: I added it!

WOYWW 9-2-13  Monday

The cards are collaged bits of gelli printed deli paper onto yet more gelli printed card stock. I collaged it then cut into 2 postcards and an ATC for the swap. Now I will add more bits to them and maybe some doodles to get them ready to send out. You can see my still orange brayer and bits of gelli printed deli paper (I may start calling that GPDP for short!) in the background...

Makes me want to run to the store and buy some orange juice!!

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Getting caught up...

So the last couple of weeks I started back to school, got a rip-roaring cold, managed to get a couple of last swaps done and finally went to check my post office box... and was dazzled with the amazing mail art that came my way! I thought I would show you some of it here.

The swaps were from MMSA (Mail me some art) and Swap-bot as well as a few other things that came my way.

Suzanne @ Stempelkrempel:


Pamela @ Cappuccino Art Journal:


Postal Swap @ MMSA:

postal ATCs

Various ATC swaps (Swap-bot and personal):

various ATCs recd

And several envelopes of stamps traded and other notes and such that I didn't photograph.

And for next weekend, I am looking forward to another Sunday of art play next week with my friend Leslie, who has been very busy making wonderful arty things! Take a peek!

Now that I think I have the being-back-at-work thing figured out again (how quickly we forget over our long wonderful summer break that being back in school zaps the energy right outta ya!), and my obligatory first of the school year cold is done, I think I will be able to get back to being more regular about making art and blogging! Once I figure out how to organize all my new received art! (I should take a photo of my desk now and save it for WOYWW for Wednesday's post!)