Thursday, June 7, 2012

Purple Bag

Ok now that she has it, I can post a pic of it:

Bag for Liz

Gave this bag to my sister in Oregon and gave my brother-in-law an outdoorsy pencil zip bag, my nephew the monsters pillow case and my niece the pink pencil zip bag.

Now I am looking for something fun to make my sister's step-son a pillow case and Liz wants a zip bag to go with her purple bag!

And I got a ton of cool fabrics in Oregon to make the following:
1. my own Japanese taupe inspired quilt
2. Several blouses from the Marcia Derse fabrics
3. Other stuff (yet to be determined LOL)

But first I have to rearrange my sewing area again... too many fabric bins and not enough room to sew! Photos to come...


  1. And an awesome bag it is! The other stuff you made is awesome too! The other day Sarah was asking where was her new shiny pencil. I reminded her it was in her new pretty pencil bag from Auntie Rhonda!

  2. Glad you liked your pressies!

  3. It's not true! Rhonda is using slave labor!

  4. Meow, that's not meow true!! They were making your Father's Day present anyway, you peeked!


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