Sunday, March 18, 2012

Teaching myself quilting...

I love the Internet. It is so full of info and how-to videos... so much easier now to learn quilting than when I did it 40 or so years ago (not even sure I ever finished that first quilt it was so hard!). So I have found a few great info sources and I am teaching myself sewing and quilting from them. Today's lesson is from The Missouri Star Quilting Co video "Disappearing Nice Patch Quilt Block Tutorial." The idea in a nutshell is to sew 9 small squares together (I used pieces from charm packs which are precut squares) and then cut them in half vertically and horizonally to get 4 pieced blocks to mix around.

Here is my sewn 9 patch:
9 Patch sewn together

and then here are the squares cut and rearranged:

Design wall-1

It is a cool technique that is super easy but looks like you did a ton of work. I like that!

The squares above are on my make-shift "design wall" which is a piece of batting pinned across a bookshelf. I need to get a foamcore board or something to put the batting on and then have it to move around. The cool part is the fabric just sticks to it when you put it up so you can move pieces around and then stand back and look at them.

Design wall-2

I wish I had more wall space but I don't at the moment -- none that is in a bright enough area to see anything anyway.


  1. I like the colour combinations!

  2. Me too! Now that I have these small blocks I think I need to make a few more squares and put them together into something! But for now, they are eye candy!


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