Sunday, November 6, 2011

Andy got into Nursing School!

After applying for 5 semesters! He was beginning to wonder what he was going to do -- he had taken all the pre-requisite classes, was doing an EMT internship, and just wasn't getting selected. I hate that lottery way of admissions -- doesn't take into account a lot of things that need to be considered (in my opinion). So now they have a test every applicant has to take and Andy scored way high on that which I am sure helped.
Long and shot, starting January he is in for a fast paced year of nursing school then he can go be a nurse which he has been wanting to do for several years. Seems like his days of being a computer person are so long ago. Mixed blessing I guess, of one's job being outsourced to another country. (If you are reading this and don't know me, Andy is my husband)

And now it is already November. I have 2 more weeks of school before a whole week for Thanksgiving Break. We used to work the Monday and Tuesday of that week but now those are furlough days off (without pay), part of the 9 days we lost the year before last just so we could keep most of our health benefits. (Oh and there was the pay cut too but don't get me started on that!)

New food I discovered I like: Bison Hotdogs from Costco!

bison dogs

I am not a big hot dog fan to begin with (although I also liked the lamb hot dogs that I tried in Iceland a couple of years ago). These are yummy though! Chopped a couple up and mixed with scrambled eggs and a yummo breakfast!

And a second thing I like: purple potatoes!

purple spuds

I had tried them once before and found them sort of mealy. But this time I roasted them in the oven, cut into quarters and sprinkled with olive oil and they were delish. I don't eat many potatoes any more (sometimes yams) so these were a nice treat. Plus they have a lot more phytonutrients than regular white potatoes. AND they are purple!!

Oh and finally...


Lowest is around 30 years now? Getting there, slowly but surely!